Holiday Hardware

Christmas Decor  –  Holiday Hardware


Powerful C9 and C7 Lights
The most commanding look available, these impressive lights are certain to draw attention.
They may be installed seasonally or displayed all year.
Twinkler bulbs are available to provide a brilliant sparkling look.



Commercial Quality Materials
Christmas Decor uses only premium quality lighting products featuring heavy gage wire,
industrial sockets and long life bulbs that provide many seasons of service.
A large variety of rich, striking colors are available.



Super Bright Miniature Lights
These traditional “twinkle” lights beautifully illuminate trees and shrubs with a nice, creative, soft light.



State-of-the-Art Hardware
Lights are installed with perfection along roof lines, windows, doors and walkways using durable, non-invasive fasteners.



All Pole Mounts Use Premium Banner Brackets
Our top-of-the-line adjustable banner brackets will keep your banners looking terrific in all weather conditions!


Christmas Decor Products Are The Better Value!

Our light bulbs are double coated translucent bulbs – that means up to 25,000 hours of service!
Our light bulbs are 200 amp bulbs for extra brightness – no comparison to the  170 amp bulbs bought in stores!
Our light bulbs have internal lamp locks – to prevent light bulbs from falling out and ruining a display.
Our light bulbs are designed to be low power consuming lights – saving you money over conventional lights!
Our products are custom made to high quality standards  – guaranteeing every bulb works right out of the box!